Your Story Told Globally through integration into some of the most seen movies, TV shows, and content seen around the world
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What is Brand Integration?
Clarifying a common misperception
The Limiting Belief
What it CAN BE​
A way to off-set the cost of production by having brands, products, or services already written into a script pay to splash their product in front of viewers.
An opportunity to take the key elements of a story (characters, plot, setting, etc.) and bring them to life in a way that creates a more exciting, immersive, and memorable experience.

Think of us as artists who use high-visibility content as a canvas to share your story with the world.

We integrate products into opportunities where a brand or product's unique value can be brought to life not just because a production calls for certain items.
Why should I work with Branded Global for my brand integration? 
Global Reach
Appreciating Asset
The internet has made every business on the planet a global competitor.  Use the combination of a captured audience and heavily invested global distribution machine to rise above the noise.
We help you use your integrations to put a magnet on demand and attract co-marketing, partnership, and revenue-generating opportunities.
Like real estate, integrations continue to drive value beyond a predetermined shelf life.  Every time content with your product or service integrated is viewed, you benefit, and your story is told.
...because we help you turn an advertising mechanism into a powerful tool that transforms your strategy into marketshare so that YOU and YOUR SHAREHOLDERS win
We work with visionary CEOs, Boards of Directors, Private Capital Firms, Technologists, Futurists, and Agencies to help them strategically grow companies and harness the power of demand-centric marketing

Some of the Clients Our Team Has Worked For

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